The rental price is including

Unlimited mileage

Third-party collision insurance

A lock

A luggage rack to carry your belongings

A T-shirt

On demand

A helmet

A pair of gloves

The price is not including


Damage caused by a fall or misuse

Pickup / return of motorcycles

Motorcycles can be picked up and returned from Monday to Saturday, only by appointment, during opening hours

Pickup or return on sunday: 10$

Pick up or late return: 50$

In case of early return, no refund can be claimed

Extra options

Knee and elbow protections

Embedded camera

Custom route creation

Rent a 4x4 car with driver

VIP airport shuttle

Laos Sim Card

Smartphone mount

Package to pay if you leave your bike in Luangprabang from Vientiane or vice versa.

We can send your luggage to Luangprabang or Vientiane, in case of one way (price depending on the luggage weight)

In the case of a round trip,  leave your luggage at our office.

Obligations of the tenant

A deposit of 30% for the reservation

The payment of the balance at the time of taking charge of the motorcycle

Your passport as a guarantee or a deposit of 1500 dollars

Wearing the helmet is mandatory, we can provide it

We strongly recommend using equipment suitable for motorcycle riding

Documents to provide

International driving license

Copy of passport

Terms of cancelation

The deposit of 30% of the amount of the rent is retained if the cancellation takes place in the month preceding the date of departure of the hiring


Non exhaustive list: (ask us for a price)

 If the total amount of repairs is less than 50$, Rideinlaos will charge ½ day of rental + price of parts
If the total amount of the parts is greater than or equal to 50$, Rideinlaos will charge 1 day of rental + price of the parts

  • Fuel tank: 100$        
  • Mirror: 30$     
  • Turn light: 55$        
  • Front light: 155$ 
  • Lever (brake or clutch): 15$      
  • Handle bar: 40$ 
  • Number plate: (70$ if broken, 100$ in case of loss)
  • Gear shift pedal: 25$ 
  • Inner tube: 30$        
  • Tool box cover: (scratches 25$) / (broken 50$) 
  • Muffler cover : scratches : 25$ / broken : 50$    
  • Rear frame : 185$     
  • Lock: 15$ 
  • Rear tire: 154$