Rideinlaos was created in August 2015 with the idea to offer the best services in the field of motorbike rental in Laos

This is the story of two French people passionate about Laos and motorbikes.

Originally Rideinlaos is 4 motorcycles; currently we offer 9 to meet the groups of friends who come on a trip.

Rideinlaos - the team

Dominique team member RIDEINLAOS
Dominique is the Laos side of the company and deals with the administrative and financial part. She lives and works in Vientiane. She speaks French, Laotian and English.
Hai Team member RIDEINLAOS
Hai, Dominique's husband, Laotian people, takes care of the maintenance of the motorcycles and its objective is to put at your disposal motorcycles maintained "top quality" which will be able to accompany you without worries. You leave with his "babies", take care!
David Team member RIDEINLAOS
David, is in charge of commercial animation and customer support. He works in Vientiane, knows Luangprabang like his pocket and you can build with him the best routes. Thanks to its network, he will find you the most beautiful places to sleep or eat.
Yvan Team member RIDEINLAOS
Yvan, biker for 30 years, makes trips between France and Laos. Lovers of Laos, its inhabitants and its tracks, He created Rideinlaos with the main idea to propose you the most reliable and clean motorbikes of Laos.


Everyone has already seen these impressive images of small motorcycles in the streets of the big cities of South East Asia; here, the bike is everyone's business!

In Laos, the engine capacity of the motorcycles is limited to 250cc and, importantly, you will ride the day lights off.

The dry season is the best time to discover Laos (mid-November to mid-May), come and enjoy the Lao New Year "pi maï", the feast of water and its week of crazy celebrations.

It is in December, January and February that you will enjoy the best temperatures to ride.

Laos is a country still little known, authentic and offers many natural attractions (waterfalls, caves, views) and you will feel like the first to visit.

The people are warm and in many places they have never met any Westerner.

It is necessary to have a visa to enter Laos. You can get it before you arrive (at the Laos embassy of your country) or at the Laotian airport.

Since June 2019, you can obtain an electronic visa from a dedicated website: https://www.laosevisa.com/

It's really convenient!

International permit
It is strongly recommended that you have a valid international driving license with you.

Repatriation insurance
It is also highly recommended to have repatriation insurance. You can subscribe it.